A Family Ordeal

Because so many of us involved here at Mac’s Gift have experienced the struggles of childhood cancer firsthand, we realize that it is a family ordeal. The parents, the afflicted child, and the siblings are all given gifts as well as opportunities to relax and enjoy the Christmas season with others who are experiencing situations similar to theirs. We reach out to help the whole family.

A True Charity

Mac’s Gift, from its beginning, was a means of unselfishly serving others. Specifically, it was created to help the families of children battling cancer. Today, the mission remains the same, to lift the burdens of those families. To accomplish this, Mac’s Gift remains an entirely volunteer organization where all the time, money, and resources that are given truly come from the heart.

A Wide Vision

Mac Boyter, the late founder of Mac’s Gift, had a vision of extending the reach of this wonderful organization beyond just Utah County. Due to countless donations, incredible participating families, and selfless volunteers, Mac’s Gift will be extending into other places other than Utah Valley in years to come, while still helping here in the valley where it all began.

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