Mac’s Gift: Children’s Cancer Foundation

Mac’s Gift was created to help the families of children who are battling cancer. The main focus of the organization is to lift the burdens of these children and their families, and to do so especially around the Christmas season. This centers around two evenings in December. One night the parents of children with cancer come to connect with other families in similar situations, enjoy a fine meal, and shop “Santa’s Workshop” for Christmas presents for not just their child with cancer, but for all of their children. The following night the whole family is invited to a Christmas celebration that features games, photo booths, the BYU Basketball team, superheros, dinner, a visit from Santa Clause and more!

Our Story

After experiencing the struggles of cancer himself, Mac Boyter (pictured to the left) wanted to make a difference for the children and their families who are battling cancer.  And he acted on that desire.  Knowing the emotional, physical, and financial toll it can take on these families, Mac started the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation.  After 15 years of giving from countless volunteers and donors, the organization has helped hundreds if not thousands of families in Utah Valley.  The Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation was renamed Mac’s Gift shortly before his passing in the Fall of 2013 and represents the gift of love he left behind for everyone involved, including the children, families, volunteers, and donors.

BYU Basketball Team

“Coming to the Mac’s Gift event was a highlight for me every season while playing at BYU.  We get to come and sing, play games, hand out toys, talk with the parents, etc.  Those kids and their families are going through so much, and it was amazing to see how positive they all are.  I could always tell how much they loved coming to the Mac’s Gift party.  I’m beyond grateful I got to be involved with Mac’s Gift during my time as a player at BYU.”

Jimmer Freddette

A Volunteer Organization

Mac’s Gift is unique in the fact that it is an entirely volunteer organization.  None of the money donated is used to pay the volunteers, committee, or board for their time.  This allows the families to be the sole recipients of the donations so graciously given to the organization each year.  At Christmas time, tens of thousands of dollars are spent to provide a free of charge shopping experience for the parents in “Santa’s Workshop”.  A Christmas meal, BYU Basketball tickets, an eventful party, and other wonderful gifts are also provided to the families with the donations.

The Christmas Spirit

Each Christmas season Mr. and Mrs. Clause make a special visit to the Mac’s Gift event.  This is helpful to the families who want to see Santa, but can’t go sit in line at the mall.  Between visiting with Santa, and doing most of their Christmas shopping at the Mac’s Gift event, there is so much less to worry about for the families during the Christmas season.  Which is just another feature intended to accomplish our goal of lifting the burdens of these families around Christmas time.